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Commercial Services

Boyer Contracting Group is a full service commercial property construction contractor. We provide our customers with top to bottom solutions covering everything from repair and maintenance services through complete site remodeling and design/build. Whatever your project scope or needs are, we can assist by fulfilling any role you need. We can work alongside other contractors to assist as a part of a projects labor force, or take the reigns and manage your entire project. Our complete range of offerings is a great solution for landlords, tenants, and leasing agents.

General Contracting

Although the terms remodeling and renovation are often used interchangeably, they are distinctly different from one another. During a renovating project the contractor is hired to upgrade the existing space or return it to new. Where as a remodeling project is more involved in that it refers to altering the structure of a space. While we at Boyer Contracting Group specialize in both scenarios, it is important to note the difference and the implications of each on the overall complexity of the project.


A renovation is to restore to good condition, or to make as if like new. This could be updating windows and doors, or updating finishes like flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, etc. Take a vacant office space for example. One that is to be occupied by a new business which needs only to upgrade the aesthetics, possibly add a demising wall to the space to suit their needs. This requires no change of use and is less likely to be required by code to make any significant upgrades. These are straighter forward undertakings than a remodel of the space would be.

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Remodeling/Build Outs

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An example of a remodeling project could be having a vacant office space that is now to be transformed in to a restaurant. This is a much different scenario. Not only is the design/build portion more involved, but the project is likely required to undergo change of use and occupancy reviews by zoning and code enforcement. Almost certainly requiring that the new space meets all current building codes. It is important to understand that this level of project is more complex in every aspect and therefore needs to be given more attention. We offer the expertise you need.

Design Build

Boyer Contracting can save you time, money, and confusion by handling the entirety of your project from conceptualization – design – build – occupancy. The more traditional design, bid, build strategy leaves you divided between more companies, more people, juggling to keep the process on track. If you were to hire us, we take the time to understand your business and desires. Working alongside you Boyer Contracting Group will oversee and work all aspects of design, planning, construction process, and inspections to control quality, time, and cost.


Facilities Maintenance

We are a self-performing maintenance company offering a wide array of knowledge and experience. We handle on call maintenance work orders, routine upkeep and inspections, as well as complete management oversight of commercial properties. As a general contractor we can subcontract and supervise specialty trade professionals if the need arises. This means that you don’t need to juggle a bunch of employees and subs coming and going, focus on your business while we take care of your property.

On Call Service

Receive work orders, triage, schedule then correct tenant or landlord service requests. Including but not limited to:


Correct issues such as: running or clogged toilets, low or no water pressure, stop leaks. Repair and install fixtures.


Respond to lock outs. Manage and make keys. Install passage locks.


Troubleshoot and correct power issues. Maintain lighting systems. Repair and install fixtures.


Install or repair drywall. Drywall finishing. Interior and exterior painting, staining, and sealing.


Provide numerous solutions in general construction, repair, and maintenance.


Troubleshoot no heat/cooling calls, to eliminate common issues before requesting a certified tech. 

Routine Maintenance

We design and conduct regularly scheduled maintenance programs as well as oversee periodic inspections such as:


Co-ordinate and oversee landscaping, mowing and snow removal. Routine cleaning of the exterior property.


Oversee regular inspections of fire alarm and sprinkler systems. Ensure regular safety compliance and building security.


Conduct or oversee routine janitorial maintenance to common areas and tenant spaces.


Oversee or perform HVAC preventative maintenance.


Perform designed routine and scheduled inspections of exterior and interior physical condition and mechanical systems.


Every season presents its own unique challenge to property maintenance. By design we make sure to have what is needed on hand.

Comprehensive Site Management

As the property and facilities manager, we perform all duties listed above and more specifically, can manage maintenance and improvement budgets, supervise outside vendors, interact regularly with tenants.


Every property and owner/manager needs a unique solution. We can assist by providing particular service needs or implement a complete facilities maintenance program.

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