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Project Gallery

 At Boyer Contracting, we turn dreams into reality. With our unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and innovative design, we create extraordinary spaces in Ithaca, NY, and beyond. Our mission: to inspire, uplift, and enhance lives. From residential remodels to commercial renovations, we bring passion, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. With a skilled team and industry experience, we tackle projects of all sizes. We collaborate closely with clients, from concept to completion, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. But it's not just about spaces; it's about trust, integrity, and exceptional service. We prioritize open communication, working closely with clients. Explore our Projects Gallery and witness the transformative power of our work. Each project tells a story of collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

Transforming a Home in Northeast, Ithaca, NY

Imagine a home nestled in the charming neighborhood of Observatory Circle, Ithaca, NY. The homeowner's journey began unexpectedly with a minor flooding incident, which turned into an opportunity for a fresh start and the realization of their dream space. Driven by a vision, they embarked on a remarkable project to remodel their kitchen and install exquisite hardwood flooring. Their goal was to breathe new life into the main floor, creating a space that harmonized functionality with style. The focal point of this transformation was the choice of Brazilian oak flooring. Its timeless beauty and warm hues added an elegant touch, creating an inviting atmosphere throughout the entire space. Carefully integrated lighting and electrical upgrades played a crucial role, enhancing both functionality and ambiance. The warm glow of the lights created a welcoming environment, turning the kitchen into a central gathering place for family and friends. The centerpiece of the kitchen became the island dining bar—an embodiment of both style and practicality. Meticulously crafted, it provided a space for shared meals and conversations, where cherished memories were made. Maple cabinetry, showcasing fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, offered ample storage for kitchen essentials while adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Quartz countertops, sleek and durable, adorned the surfaces, blending beauty and practicality seamlessly. They not only added a luxurious feel but also withstood the demands of everyday life. A custom stainless-steel backsplash brought a contemporary touch to the space, reflecting light and adding depth. It served as a statement piece, bridging classic and modern aesthetics. Completing the transformation was a carefully chosen paint scheme, breathing fresh energy into the space and reflecting the homeowner's unique personality and style. This kitchen remodel and hardwood flooring installation project became a testament to the homeowner's vision and the collaborative efforts of our skilled team. It was a journey of transformation, where resilience and creativity blended to create a space that truly reflected the homeowner's dreams. Step into the gallery to witness the captivating transformation that unfolded. Let it inspire you to envision the possibilities for your own home, where every project tells a story.

Lake Access Staircase: A Serene Path to Tranquil Waters

In the serene surroundings of Lake Forrest Lane, Lansing, NY, a retired couple found themselves facing a challenge that required a thoughtful solution. With an outdated and treacherous path leading down the hillside to their cherished lakefront dock, they realized the need for a safer and more direct walkway that would accommodate their retirement years. With this vision in mind, we embarked on a remarkable project—the construction of a Lake Access Staircase. Spanning across six landings and featuring a total of 63 steps, this staircase would be the gateway to their peaceful lake retreat. Our team carefully planned the layout, ensuring the staircase seamlessly integrated into the natural landscape. Navigating the steep grades and working around trees and large root systems, we created a meandering path that not only addressed the practical aspects but also harmonized with the beauty of the surroundings. Each step was meticulously crafted, providing a sturdy and secure passage down the hillside. The homeowners could now confidently navigate the slopes, enjoying a safe and effortless journey to their cherished dock. By selecting the optimal location, we ensured that the staircase conveniently connected to the path from their hilltop home. This strategic placement eliminated the need for detours or excessive walking, offering a direct and convenient access point to the lake. The Lake Access Staircase became more than just a functional addition—it was a testament to our commitment to enhancing the homeowners' quality of life. With every step, they would experience the joy of a smooth and secure descent, knowing that safety and convenience were at the forefront of our design. We invite you to explore the gallery below, where you'll witness the transformation from a hazardous pathway to an elegant and functional Lake Access Staircase. Let this project inspire you to envision the possibilities for your own outdoor spaces, where safety, practicality, and beauty coexist in perfect harmony.

Elegant Guest Bathroom Retreat

A humble guest bathroom awaited its well-deserved makeover in a cozy cul-de-sac near Dryden NY. While its footprint may have been modest, the homeowners saw the potential to create a charming and inviting space that would leave a lasting impression on their guests. With a vision in mind, they embarked on a delightful journey of renovating this 5' x 7' guest bathroom. Despite its size, no detail was overlooked as they sought to infuse the space with a touch of elegance and refined finishes. The project began with a complete overhaul, stripping away the old and making room for the new. Insulation, fresh drywall, and a fresh coat of paint laid the foundation for a clean and welcoming atmosphere. Upgraded electrical wiring and a new heat source ensured modern comforts were seamlessly integrated. The star of the renovation was undoubtedly the exquisite Swanstone walk-in shower, which replaced the old tub/shower combo. This luxurious addition transformed the space into a haven of relaxation, offering a spa-like experience for guests to enjoy. To enhance the overall aesthetic, a stunning Karndean luxury vinyl floor was selected. Its high-end appearance and durability not only elevated the space but also ensured longevity and ease of maintenance. Adding character and a touch of rustic charm, a vanity made from 100-year-old reclaimed lumber became the focal point of the room. Its unique textures and history created a captivating conversation piece, elevating the overall design. Throughout the renovation process, the homeowners collaborated closely with our skilled team to bring their vision to life. The result was a guest bathroom that surpassed expectations, blending style and functionality in a harmonious manner. While this project may have been limited in size, it stood as a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. The homeowners took great pride in creating a welcoming space that would leave a lasting impression on their guests.

From Neglect to Charm: The Pole Barn Transformation

In the serene countryside of Slaterville, NY, stood an overlooked and weathered pole barn. Its open frame and dirt floor told a story of neglect and untapped potential. But as our team stepped in, a remarkable transformation was set in motion. With meticulous planning and skilled craftsmanship, we embarked on an ambitious upgrade project for the pole barn. The first step was to revitalize the structure itself. We carefully assessed and upgraded the existing posts and framing, ensuring the foundation was sturdy and ready for the next phase. Next came the exterior transformation. Hemlock siding was chosen to bring a touch of rustic charm to the barn, blending harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. The fresh facade breathed new life into the once tired building, instantly elevating its visual appeal. Inside, a complete overhaul took place. A concrete floor was poured, providing a solid and durable foundation that would withstand the test of time. Drainage considerations were carefully integrated to ensure a dry and functional space. The lighting received a significant upgrade as well. Energy-efficient LED fixtures were strategically installed, illuminating the barn with a crisp and bright glow. This not only enhanced visibility but also reduced energy consumption, making it an environmentally conscious choice. To enhance versatility and functionality, custom automatic sliding and overhead doors were installed. These additions allowed easy access for vehicles, equipment, and large items, ensuring convenient use of the space. The barn could now effortlessly adapt to various needs and purposes. And what is a barn without a workbench? We designed and built a custom multi-level workbench, meticulously crafted to meet the homeowner's specific requirements. This practical addition provided ample workspace for projects, storage for tools, and a dedicated area for creativity to flourish. The once-neglected pole barn had undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. It now stood as a testament to the transformative power of vision and skilled craftsmanship. With its renewed beauty, functionality, and versatility, it became a valuable asset to the property, capable of fulfilling a multitude of purposes. Take a glimpse into this stunning pole barn upgrade through the gallery below. Let it inspire you to envision the possibilities for your own space, where even the humblest structures can be transformed into something extraordinary.