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What  is Design - Build ?

Contractor-led design - build is Boyer Contractings preferred project delivery method. This process more efficiently streamlines a project from conception to completion as compared with other methods such as design - bid- build. This is accomplished by reducing a clients number of contracts to a single responsible party (the design - build contractor). Secondly, it allows conception, design, and construction phases to overlap. These differences lead to more teamwork, less oversight, shorter overall timelines and cost savings.


Singular Responsibility

The Owner signs a single contract with the Design Builder who is therefore solely accountable for: working with architects/engineers, subcontractors and vendors, with the collective goal of fulfilling your objectives. This method:

  • Provides the Owner more time to focus on other aspects of their business.

  • Creates continuity between all parties from the onset.

  • Reduces oversight leading to significantly fewer change orders.

  • Improves communication.

  • Simplifies construction drawings.

Emphasis on Teamwork

Boyer Contracting Group along with our associates and the Owner work as a collaborative team with one goal in mind; accomplish the mission thoroughly and efficiently.

  • Eliminates typical issues between architects and contractors.

  • Creates opportunity for value engineering, solving problems together as they appear.

  • All priorities, agendas, and objectives are on the table from the beginning.

  • Improved quality and control through effective collaboration.


Added Transparency

Simplified communication and collaborative team environment means the Owner understands the entirety of the process as it unfolds.

  • Costs are develop in real time, significantly earlier and more accurate than other methods.

  • All parties' insights are recognized and shared collaboratively.

  • Owners' goals and budgets are shared and considered by the entire team.

  • Transparency leads to better problem solving, cost control, and scheduling.

Faster  Delivery

Compared to traditional design - bid - build where the process is one step before the next, design - build is a system where many phases are able to overlap saving significant time on the overall project.

  • Bidding can be phased.

  • Materials more complicated to source, or which have longer lead times can be procured earlier.

  • Some work i.e. demolition, may begin before final design is approved.

  • Cost estimates and bids can begin to unfold during the design phase.

  • Fewer change orders significantly reduce anticipated project time and cost.

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